Arik Labowitz has worked with dozens of couples over the past decade to help create meaningful, joyful and inclusive Jewish wedding ceremonies. Arik brings meaningful components of a traditional Jewish wedding together with the values, background and sensibilities of the couple to co-create a ceremony that is authentic, joyful, and engaging. Please contact him for further information regarding wedding ceremonies.

Past Clients:

Alex Redstone & Tosca Necoechea
April 2014

Mordechai Naseck & Elina Shcop
March 2014

Nir Matalon & Ana Belak
March 2014

Bailey Ash & Tyler Redlitz
February 2014

Marcos Pelenur & Kirsty Simons
October 2013

Bruce Reingold & Rony Gerzberg
November 2012

Lev Markov & Kristin Schnoor
October 2012

Jenny Overman & Ben Ringler
May 2011

Suzan Goodman & Louis Pollack
August 2010

Viviane Safrin & Adam Cashman
January 2010

Josh Balin & Molly Manin
October 2009

Victoriya Mikityanskaya & Alex Mintz
October 2008

Roy Schaham & Ayako Tanaka
June 2008

Joshua Solomon & Michele Lis
November 2007

Rudi Halbright & Janie Riley
October 2007

Juliet Stamper & Birger Dahl
January 2007