Bar/Bat Mitzvah


"Arik was a perfect fit for our family. He made the whole experience
very personal and meaningful." - Jill Klein

"Arik used ritual, music, stories and humor to pull everyone in.
We could not have been happier." - Rick & Susan Victor-Lesch

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony has the potential to be a meaningful rite of passage in a time of transition from child to young adult. Arik has been training students and officiating their ceremonies for the past 15 years. Each and every student comes to this experience with different strengths and interests and Arik tailors his program to fit the needs of each student and their family. Please contact him for further information about his Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program.


Past students:

Knoa Tsang Jaffe (Parents-Recheng Tsang & Jonathan Jaffe)
June 2014

Aidan Gabriel (Parents-Elisse & David Gabriel)
June 2014

Gabriel Wallin (Parents-Gina Hassan & David Wallin)
June 2014

Charlie Kaplan-Pettus (Parents-Stevie Kaplan & Willie Pettus)
June 2014

Dashiell Winer (Parents-Rebecca & Jordan Winer)
June 2014

Elias Spanier (Parents-Katie Galloway & Eitan Spanier)
May 2014

Lilly & Nathan Baker (Parents-Amy & Gene Baker)
May 2014

Amitai Sachs-Bernstein (Parents-Michael Bernstein & Dalya Sachs)
May 2014

Zoe Brinner  (Parents-Danielle Fox & Rafi Brinner)
April 2014

Ari Henry (Parents-Roland Henry & Shira Skloot)
November 2013

Nadav Skloot (Parents-Anette & Tal Skloot) 
November 2013

Arik Talmon (Parents-Dara & Uri Talmon
November 2013

Nyko Bowen (Parents-Beth Gerstein & Karen Bowen)
October 2013

Jonah Isaac (Parents-Marlo & Karl Isaac)
June 2013

Ethan Kleinman (Parents-Scott Kleinman & Sheryl Bregman)
April 2013

Emmett Reed (Parents-Laura Mazel & Bill Reed)
February 2013

Aryeh Stahl (Parents-Risa & Eliyahu Stahl)
June 2012

Melia Brady-Smith (Parents-Jim Smith & Kathy Brady)
April 2012

Danya Sauerhaft (Parent-Beth Sauerhaft)
March 2012

Jeremy Morgan (Parents-Nick & Sloane Morgan)
November 2011

Michael Greenstein (Parents-Melissa Feldman & Dan Greenstein)
February 2011

Noah Gabriel (Parents-Elisse and David Gabriel)
February 2011

Ethan Ostrow (Parents-Nancy Ostrow & Linda Manoogian)
January 2011

Gregory Kleinman (Parents-Scott Kleinman & Sheryl Bregman)
January 2011

Roxanne Mozo-Marsh (Parents-Robyn Marsh & Peter Mozo)
November 2010

Max Levine (Parents-Kay & Barry Levine)
November 2010

Harry Mathiason (Parents-Jill & Sreve Mathiason)
November 2010

Micah Victor-Lesch (Parents-Rick & Susan Lesch)
June 2010

Ezra Schott (Parents-Naomi Seidman & John Schott)
May 2010