Arik Labowitz
Meaningful Jewish Living and Learning


Arik Labowitz has worked with dozens of couples over the past decade to help create meaningful, joyful and inclusive Jewish wedding ceremonies. Arik brings meaningful components of a traditional Jewish wedding together with the values, background and sensibilities of the couple to co-create a ceremony that is authentic, joyful, and engaging. Please contact him for further information regarding wedding ceremonies.

Past Clients:

Alex Redstone & Tosca Necoechea
April 2014

Mordechai Naseck & Elina Shcop
March 2014

Nir Matalon & Ana Belak
March 2014

Bailey Ash & Tyler Redlitz
February 2014

Marcos Pelenur & Kirsty Simons
October 2013

Bruce Reingold & Rony Gerzberg
November 2012

Lev Markov & Kristin Schnoor
October 2012

Jenny Overman & Ben Ringler
May 2011

Suzan Goodman & Louis Pollack
August 2010

Viviane Safrin & Adam Cashman
January 2010

Josh Balin & Molly Manin
October 2009

Victoriya Mikityanskaya & Alex Mintz
October 2008

Roy Schaham & Ayako Tanaka
June 2008

Joshua Solomon & Michele Lis
November 2007

Rudi Halbright & Janie Riley
October 2007

Juliet Stamper & Birger Dahl
January 2007

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